Business consulting services

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RTG Solutions Group provides business consulting services

What’s holding your company back from growing and increasing revenue? Often business leaders are so busy working In their business, it’s hard to step back to assess how to improve things.

Our team provides business consulting services to solve problems critical to your operations. In doing so, we take a holistic approach to assess how the company, department or work-stream is functioning. Through lean process methods, we help your business improve efficiencies that impact the bottom line.

Types of business consulting services we provide

  • Process Improvement – Inefficient processes exist in any organization. They cause delays, unnecessary expense and frustration. Through process mapping, we diagnose the bottlenecks, outline a constructive path forward, and teach team members to implement new process strategies.
  • Supply Chain – It’s critical for businesses to master the flow of products through their organization. We assist businesses in improving their supply chain to one that is structured for competitive advantage. 
  • Learning & Development – To reduce attrition, increase employee engagement, and enhance productivity, it’s important for people to have the right skills for today, and Our Instructional Design team develops training specific for your needs and your Learning Management System (LMS). 
  • Change Management – Change is the one constant. To thrive in the ever-changing, technology-driven economy, organizations, and employees must pivot and adapt to change. We guide leaders and their teams to prepare and navigate through constant change, creating an environment of structure rather than chaos. 
  • Strategic Management – Where is your company heading? And do you know how to get there? Strategic goals and initiatives are the north star for business leaders. It’s important that everyone in the company knows how their individual work impacts these goals. As part of our RTG Management System, we help leaders position their business units to drive towards the organization’s goals and attain them.

As a business leader, often you know what’s broken. You’re just not sure how to fix it. Or you know the direction you want to take the company but don’t have the resources to make it happen. That’s where we can help. RTG Solutions Group excels at these types of consulting services. We are here to start the journey with you.

We value a people, process & communication approach

We believe when an organization develops their people, continually improves processes and is committed to communication, they position themselves for success.

Through our business consulting services, we help leaders create an environment for success built on 3 pillars:

  • People- When employees are engaged, empowered and valued, they are committed to the organization and its success. When leaders value people, and support their development, attrition is low and an organization benefits from the best that employees have to give.
  • Process- Any process can be improved to save time, money and resources. From redundant steps in the Accounts Payable/Receivables department, to the cost it takes to build a product, or provide a service, there are bottlenecks in any process. Identify the current processes and apply methods to improve them.
  • Communication- A commitment to communication efficiency can transcend an organization. In a structured flow of vertical and cross-functional information, decisions are timely, problems are solved sooner, and employees at all levels of the organization are regularly informed.  

Grow your organization with RTG Solutions Group 

You know your business best. We get it. Yet often an outside perspective can outline a clear strategy forward. We help knock down the obstacles that impede your business efficiency.  Our goal is not to come in and turn everything on its head. Rather, we assess your pain points and systematically guide you from chaos to structure.

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