RTG Solutions Group is a business consulting firm that helps leaders solve problems critical to their operations.

  • We guide organizations how to eliminate bottlenecks and improve their business processes.
  • We uncover gaps and provide solutions to maximize an organization’s supply chain.
  • We assess training needs and create engaging curriculum as part of a robust learning and development platform.
  • We coach leaders how to maneuver through change and uncertainly.
  • And we direct leaders in the development and execution of the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

Our methodologies working with businesses in military defense, manufacturing, healthcare and retail industries yield measurable results and a return on investment.  And our processes and strategies are applicable to any business that that seeks to reduce costs, increase employee engagement and improve efficiencies across the organization.

  • We believe when an organization develops their people, continually improves processes and is committed to effective communication, they position themselves for success.
  • We believe that a commitment to continuous improvement is foundational to an organization’s effectiveness and growth.
  • We believe that a learning culture built on transparency, and personal growth results in engaged employees who are inspired and committed to an organization its and success.
  • We believe that consistent and structured communication plays an important role within an effective organization.

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“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
PresidentPresident, RTG Solutions Group
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