Lean Tools in Supply Chain Impact Bottom-line

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The Client A global home furniture manufacturer, distributor and retailer with more than 700 retail stores worldwide. The Challenge Statement In the furniture industry, there is a constant need for furniture repair as an internal and external service to customers. Processing despised inventory and product through the company’s Repair Shop in its Distribution Center was inefficient and costly. Limited cross-functional …

Truck on freeway

Lean Approach Improves Performance for Trucking Unit

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The Client A global service provider of transportation and logistics. The Challenge Statement Provide a wireless solution with full adoption for more than 1,500 drivers worldwide that will enable them to track, allocate and retrieve assets, provide signature capture, GPS, and asset timestamp for real-time financial and billing capability. Objectives Eliminate ALL paper transactions between drivers and customers; streamline and …

warehouse supply chain

Lean Process Improves Performance and Costs

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The Client A global home furniture manufacturer, distributor and retailer with more than 700 retail stores worldwide. The Challenge Statement In the furniture manufacturing industry, it is imperative that furniture is assembled with zero defects prior to delivery in a customer’s home. The furniture assembly process was inefficient, redundant and costly. In addition, unnecessary and wasteful product movement was causing …

Associate training

Training Creates Culture of Continuous Improvement

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The Client Pioneering organization in Barcoding, Wireless and Portable Data Terminals (PDT) technology. The Challenge Statement Incorporate an existing Learning & Development Platform at the center of the organization that will enable leadership teams the ability to align personal goals of individuals with the strategic goals of the organization through instructional design, training, delivery and associate development. Objectives Create a …

business process

Change Model Shreds Silos and Engages Associates

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The Client One of the top three Military Defense Contractors for the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corp. The Challenge Statement Incorporate a Change Management model that will break down silos within the organization, eliminate redundancy and wasteful processes, while promoting associate engagement, empowerment and cohesive team building. Objectives Develop and incorporate a Change Management methodology that …

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Lean Methods for Tech Manufacturer Saves $952K

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The Client A global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, with specialization in advanced defense electronics for next-generation strike weapon systems, missile-warning and aircraft survivability, and special-mission aircraft. The Challenge Statement Years of traditional life cycle management approaches to manufacturing had resulted in the loss of technical capability to support this OEM’s core product line. Shrinking margins, customer cost cutting …

Mental Healthcare & Child Welfare

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Company/industry Mental healthcare and child welfare services; Locations across Florida Workstream Human Resources Problem Due to chaotic workflow processes, HR team was not meeting internal customer needs. Communication and responses to inquiries from employees across the organization was delayed and fragmented. New employee hiring process, including interviewing, communications, paperwork and benefits was slow, resulting in frustrated managers who needed new …

Pet Care Services

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Workstream: Operations Problem A consistent decrease in revenue over an 18-month period.  Company’s leadership misaligned around corporate goals and objectives.  Strategic goals were not clearly defined. Marketing and Sales teams operated with conflicting approaches to target market strategies. How we helped Outlined all internal departmental processes for work performed for internal and external clients. Advised and led the leadership team …

Defense Contractor 2

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Workstream Manufacturing Operations Problem Production team consumed an excessive volume of inventory.  Due to poor processes, production time exceeded budgeted time and resources. Excessive material usage and schedule delays increased costs and resulted in missed production deadlines. What We Did Analyzed workflow capacity. Incorporated lean methodologies and tools to determine the root cause of problems.  Created a streamlined production floorplan …

Defense Contractor

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Workstream Training Operations Problem Inconsistent delivery of required training with limited accessibility to employees in the field.  Learning Management System (LMS) significantly under-utilized.  Learning and Development authoring tools, reporting functionality and determination of training ROI was non-existent. What We Did Conducted a training needs analysis.  Developed strategic goals and objectives for Learning and Development efforts.  Created a training requirements package …