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Lean Approach Improves Performance for Trucking Unit

The Client

A global service provider of transportation and logistics.

The Challenge Statement

Provide a wireless solution with full adoption for more than 1,500 drivers worldwide that will enable them to track, allocate and retrieve assets, provide signature capture, GPS, and asset timestamp for real-time financial and billing capability.


  • Eliminate ALL paper transactions between drivers and customers; streamline and increase customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Build a sustainable and world-class innovative model ahead of the competition while propelling the company to the cutting edge of technology in the transportation and logistics industry.

Intended Outcomes

Develop a systematically driven requirements package that will enable a platform to engage every associate at every level of the organization. Devise Strategy Deployment goals and initiatives to cascade actionable corporate movement of tasks in an effort to change the face of the transportation and logistics industry.

What Did the Team Achieve?

The core implementation team was successful at executing the vision of the company CEO by way of Lean Management principles. The focus was on the highest goal of the organization with full alignment from all parties. The team determined a method to measure success with objective data and milestone dates. Feedback and results were provided to the team for full accountability. Fostering an environment of continuous improvement and celebration of small wins led to the intended outcome.

What Results Did the Solutions Yield?

Business Results

  • 100% Adoption of New Technology
  • 38% Increase In Delivery Efficiency
  • 99.6% Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • 100% Elimination of Paperwork Usage

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