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Mental Healthcare & Child Welfare


Mental healthcare and child welfare services; Locations across Florida


Human Resources


Due to chaotic workflow processes, HR team was not meeting internal customer needs. Communication and responses to inquiries from employees across the organization was delayed and fragmented. New employee hiring process, including interviewing, communications, paperwork and benefits was slow, resulting in frustrated managers who needed new staff to start.  Corporate communications efforts were infrequent and often unclear. Employee engagement and morale was poor.

How we helped

Developed process maps of current state for HR processes with internal and external clients. Outlined gaps and opportunities for process improvements. Created path to engage employees at each level of the organization. Created process improvement activities and personal development efforts for employees to align with corporate goals and initiatives.


Reduced HR processing times by 25%. Increased the ability to process both internal and external requests. Reduced time to hire new staff and employee attrition.  Increased timely and overall communications among leaders and HR team.  Improved employee engagement.

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