Continuous Improvement

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RTG Management System creates a culture of continuous improvement

RTG Management SystemCreating a culture of continuous improvement is about a commitment to always working towards making things better. The RTG Management System builds upon Lean practices to improve business process efficiency within an organization committed to continuous improvement. The proven method is applicable for any business size, industry, B2B or B2C, and product or service. It doesn’t matter how big or small or what you do as a business. It is about getting work done in an environment with an emphasis on communications, streamlined processes and employee development and engagement.

This continuous improvement model is a game-changer!

For organizations striving to take their business to the next level, the RTG Management System is continuous improvement model that benefits any organization, regardless of size, industry, product or service.

Check out the benefits when your business implements this continuous improvement model!

Real-time Problem Solving

Boundary-less communications and a continuous improvement culture helps leaders and teams solve critical problems and make informed, timely decisions that impact the bottom-line.

Employee Engagement

A learning culture built on transparency, communication and trust results in employees who are inspired, dedicated and committed to an organization, its values, and success.

Vertical Communications

In a structured vertical communication process, information consistently rolls up and down through each layer of a department or organization. This pathway limits information bottlenecks, contributing to timely decisions in a competitive environment.

Cross-functional Communications

Consistent and structured information across workstreams transcends industry and technology, contributing to a collaborative and agile culture. Information shared from multiple perspectives, inspires innovation, aligns company goals and maximizes accountability at all levels of an organization.

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Safety Assurance

Creating a healthy and safe working environment is foundational for all organizations. Proper safety training, education, and regular communications positively impact expenses and productivity.

Lead vs. Lag Metric Decision Making

Organizations strive for continuous improvement within an organization, resulting in measured cost reductions and increase to the bottom-line revenue.

Reduce Cost & Increase Revenue

Many organization’s respond to Lag metrics like yesterday’s news; re-actively. Leaders who establish and monitor Lead metrics have the opportunity to make smart decisions that can steer the organization to improve outcomes.

The Hub of the Continuous Improvement Process

Daily Tiered Escalation

Supporting the strategic goals of an organization are three components that are integrated in all departments and vertical levels within an organization. The structure and consistency are foundational to the continuous improvement process and traverses throughout all business units.Escalation meeting

Tiered Escalation is a daily 15-minute stand-up meeting. Rather than a cascade of top-down information, Tiered Escalation communicates from the bottom upwards. Tier 1 team members communicate the status of projects and alert the supervisor to problems, and bottlenecks in meeting deadlines. Team supervisors and managers escalate Issues that impact due dates to Tier 2 and the subsequently Tier 3 and 4. The tracking board highlights individual and team accountability. The status of each deliverable is highlighted in green or red. To ensure deadlines are met, the goal is to “Return to Green.”

Leader Standard Work

The Leader Standard Work is an individualized one-page planning and tracking sheet of daily, weekly and monthly work to complete. The practice enhances job performance and daily accountability. The Leader Standard Work is an effective tool to continually follow-up on commitments to others and the team. There is connectivity between Tiered Escalation, the team’s visual display board and each individual’s weekly meeting with their manager.

Weekly One-on-One meeting (O3)

The 30-minute weekly recurring meeting is between an employee and their direct supervisor. The specific structure provides an opportunity for non-work-related discussion and news within the team and company. Employee personal and career development is a key component of each meeting. Adherence to time and structure is critical.

Transform your organization’s culture through this continuous improvement model

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