Lean process improvement

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A Culture Built on Learn Process Improvement

A culture built on Lean Process Improvement

At RTG Solutions Group, every team member is committed to a lean process improvement approach.
It’s part of our culture. It’s in our DNA and even resonates in our company name.

We’re often asked: “What does RTG stand for?”
Actually, there is intent behind our name.

“RTG” is an acronym representing the strategic practice of measuring
organizational effectiveness. Aligned with a lean process
improvement approach, RTG = Return to Green.

Measure success with Lean Process Improvement strategies

Prior to tackling how to improve a process, the project team must set a standard by which to measure lean process improvement efforts. We believe it is important to establish a baseline measurement to evaluate success made within a business. This is a critical step that is often skipped over. When you change how something is done, how do you know if your team’s efforts were effective if you don’t measure it?

Examples of measuring lean process improvement:

  • Problem: High employee turnover
    Measurement: Increase in length of time employees are with organization
  • Problem: Too much time to process patient lab specimens in a hospital for timely decisions by doctors
    Measurement:  Reduction in length of time to process lab results
  • Problem: Documentation of procedures or employee training is out of compliance, threatening loss of customer contract.
    Measurement:  All documents and training meet compliance standards by governing body
  • Problem: Takes too long to recruit, hire and have new employees start their position Measurement: Reduction in number of days to interview, hire and onboard new employees

We believe that practicing lean process improvement methods engages everyone in an organization, building a culture of empowerment and continuous improvement. Each contributor, at every level of an organization, plays a role in identifying how something can be improved. How can steps in a process be reduced to save time, money and resources?

Lean process improvement is about streamlining every aspect of a business. It’s about improving efficiencies. It’s what we do. And we’re good at it. Let’s start a conversation to determine how RTG Solutions Group can help take your business to the next level.

We advocate for, and teach how, to monitor projects and priorities utilizing “red” and “green” indicators. This approach is foundational in our RTG Management System and part of Tiered Escalation.

With this proven binary tactic, there is no in-between. When assessing the status of a project, there is no “maybe” or “sort of.” If the item on a team’s Tiered Escalation board is “green,” the goal is on track to meet the deliverable date. If a project is in a “red” status, it is overdue or there is concern or problem that will impact meeting the deadline.

The team discusses how to help, and take action in real-time, to get the project back on track. In other words, the team collaborates, pulls resources and ideas to have the project “return to green” status.