At RTG Solutions Group, we help organizations improve business efficiencies and reduce costs. We believe a commitment to people, process, and communication is necessary for business growth, profit, and sustainability.

Often, we partner with like-minded organizations to serve our clients’ needs. In partnership with Rich & Company, we strategically assess a company’s digital presence and evaluate their effectiveness of communicating and marketing the brand. We assist businesses with SEO strategy, content and copywriting, corporate communications consulting, digital marketing, advertising, and video production.

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SEO Strategy

We assist organizations through the process of optimizing their website’s architecture and content to maximize Google ranking (SERP) and users’ experience. 

Such SEO efforts include:

  • Keyword research based on search volume and keyword difficulty. 
  • Development of engaging and high-quality content, optimized for Google search 
  • A compelling user experience (UX) including navigation and fast load times
  • An emphasis on on-page and off-page link building efforts
  • Attention to meta descriptions and title tags
  • Fix broken links, 301, and 404 pages
  • Format pages and optimize for mobile devices
  • Utilize latent semantic indexing (LSI) to help search engines find content

Our goal is to elevate your business’s presence on Google, increase SERP, and enhance the user’s website experience.

Content & Copy Writing

Words and messages matter. The development of strategic and well-crafted writing that reinforces the brand is important to achieve multiple objectives.

Content writing plays a critical role to inform, motivate, engage a company’s target audiences across digital channels. From websites, blogs, and social posts, good content is important to communicate effectively, in the brand’s voice. SEO strategy should be interwoven with writing content. The intent of good web content is to rank well for target keywords on each page. It doesn’t happen by accident. There is a method to the madness. Although our SEO strategy team is managing the effort on the backend, our content writing team is masterful at developing the content on the front end that is visible to the target audience.

Copywriting helps to motivate an audience to take action. Effective copywriting is integral for all marketing and advertising efforts. Some can include lead generation, print or online advertising, annual reports, brochures, promotional or sales materials, newsletters, emails, white papers, eBooks, case studies, infographics, and video scripts, among others. Our copywriting experts can collaborate with you to develop the right messages, in the right channels, to maximize engagement with your target audiences.

Corporate Communications

We assist organizations in developing a strategy and execute tactics to enhance the brand and communicate messages to various audiences, including investors, the public, media, the community, and employees. Public and media relations, crisis communications, internal communications and executive messaging are integral in corporate communications.

Marketing & Advertising

We assist organizations in promoting their business, products, and services through strategic and creative marketing and advertising efforts. Such initiatives include advertising concepts and development, traditional and digital media buying, graphic design, video production, and photography.

Partner with Brand Experts

We believe effectively communicating an organization’s online presence is essential to its success. In partnership with Rich & Company, we help businesses connect with their current customer-base, and attract new ones. We can help manage or create a custom SEO strategy, perform content and copywriting, provide corporate communications consulting, and  marketing and advertising tactics.  For more information, Contact Us today.

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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