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Steps to a continuous improvement process approach

Processes. It’s how organizations get work done. If it takes too long, or costs too much, to get from Point A to Point Z with your product, service or internal functions, you’re losing time and money.

Have you ever worked with a business solutions team before? If not, you might not know what to expect. If you have, maybe you were less-than-thrilled with the results.

RTG Solutions Group is different. We are skilled at identifying those frustrating bottlenecks in your business processes and committed to creating solutions. As a business leader, you know what’s working and what isn’t across your business. But HOW to fix the problem, and WHAT to do first, then second and third, may be keeping you up at night. We can help. Our team streamlines complex processes so you can focus on growing their business.

RTG Solutions Group's approach to help clients improve their processes

Following is our three-phase approach to helping businesses improve efficiencies.

Phase One: Discovery Process

We meet with the executive leaders to hone-in on the problem statement and outline the next steps with their team. Next, we meet with the workstream leaders to provide a high-level overview of expectations and plan the schedule for Phase Two.

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The next objective in the Discovery Process involves “pulling back the curtain” to view the current state of the workgroup or department. We gather information such as team member roles and responsibilities, training, current processes to accomplish work, documentation management, communication structure and effectiveness, the technology used, and overall issues and gaps.

Based on the information collected and assessment of needs, the RTG Solutions Group team leader develops a Statement of Work for the organization. Phase One: 1-3 business days.

Phase Two: Execution

RTG Solutions Group organizes a Kaizen event with the workgroup. Utilizing Lean process tools, the group documents current processes and highlights bottlenecks in the workflow. Some of the Lean tools used to identify and map out processes include Affinity Exercise, SIPOC Diagram, Swimlane Diagrams and Value Stream Map. In a collaborative effort, the group documents process improvement opportunities, prioritizes findings and outlines recommendations.

In Phase Two, RTG Solutions Group trains the team on Tiered Escalation – a structured communications process that dramatically improves communications within the workgroup and across the organization. Tiered Escalation is one of the cornerstones in the RTG Management System that helps to create a culture of continuous improvement. Phase Two: 5-15 business days.

Phase Three: Executive Report

Following the heavy lifting of Phase Two, the final phase involves the development and presentation of a comprehensive report to leadership. At the Executive Report Out, the RTG Solutions Group team highlights the goals of the Kaizen event and Tiered Escalation; outlines the accomplishments of the team; presents recommendations, and identifies and priorities needs outside of the current engagement. Phase Three: 1-2 days.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in learning more on how RTG Solutions Group can improve your business efficiency, let’s start a conversation. In addition, if your team is adding on new technology to your business with a third-party vendor and you need a Requirements Document prior to installation, we can help.

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