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Strategy consulting provides business leaders an edge on competition and a game plan for organizational growth. At RTG Solutions Group, we guide businesses in organizational strategy and to establish smart strategic goals and objectives with measurable KPIs. Envisioning where you want to take the business is just the start. Creating a strategic path for change and then executing towards those goals can be a challenge. That’s where we can help.

We believe that executing towards a vision is imperative to an organization’s success. A strategic vision is worthless without the knowledge and ability to execute. As a business leader, you may know where you want to go, and the direction to take the business. However, without the ability to map a strategic path, establish KPIs, and measure the effectiveness, the vision is just a dream. 

As part of our strategy execution consulting efforts, we guide your vision, establish goals, determine resources and analyze the data to measure success. At RTG Solutions Group, we are so certain of the importance of strategy execution that we may not be like other strategic consulting firms. Our goal is just not to create a strategic plan and then hand it off to you and walk away. We help execute the plan. We believe that if all you do is plan, push back target deliverable dates and evaluate spreadsheets, you’re not moving forward. Our mission in delivering your strategy consulting services is to be in lock-step with you to make things happen. Our goal is to realize your vision and deliver measurable results.

Types of strategy consulting

Corporate business strategy

We take an end-to-end perspective in our analysis and methodology to develop your corporate business strategy.  As part of strategy consulting, we customize our approach to each organization and their industry in executing towards your vision.

Strategic planning

At RTG Solutions Group, we believe that strategic planning plays a critical role in any organization that strives to reach growth-oriented goals. In our role as business strategy consultants, we believe equally important to strategic planning, is the constant execution towards the plan. Development and monitoring of KPIs and ROI is also imperative to ensure success in strategic planning efforts.

Organizational Development

Leadership Development

We are committed to the development of people, at all levels of an organization, to achieve sustained organizational growth. Our leadership development strategy assists CEOs, senior executives and workstream leaders in aligning their corporate culture and engage and develop employees to achieve sustained performance results. We believe successful organizations are built on inspired leaders who clearly share their vision and unite the organization in following that vision.

Employee training and development

We believe when organizations are committed to employee training and development, they set their course for continual success. As part of our strategy consulting services, we assist leaders with employee development strategy and creating a comprehensive training initiative across the organization.

Cross-functional alignment

In our business and organizational consulting work, we help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their workstreams and interdepartmental alignment. As well, we assess current business processes and communication and outline a strategy path forward.

Business unit effectiveness

How are each of your business units functioning? Departments such as HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations and Customer Service are subject to internal process bottlenecks, communication breakdowns and lack-of effective leadership. As part of our strategy consulting, we’ll guide your teams in how to improve the efficiencies in each business unit and across all workstreams.

Technology strategy

The future is here. How are you advancing digital technology within your organization? We guide businesses in technology strategy and implementation. We assess your business’s needs, help select a technology vendor, if needed, and develop a requirements document to ensure a seamless implementation of the technology. We also can manage the entire technology implementation project, including training, from a needs analysis to install.

Resource planning

What does your resource planning and allocation look like? Resource planning plays a key role in organizational development and overall business strategy. As part of our strategy consulting, we’ll work directly with your leaders to assess your supply chain and resource planning approach to ensure cost savings and need allocation.

The important role of strategic goals

Bull's-eye like strategic goalsIt’s that time of year again. The executive leadership team gathers to develop the organization’s annual strategic goals. Did your business achieve last year’s goals? If you didn’t, do you know why? As part of our strategy consulting services, we help guide your organization forward in strategic goal planning. We assess what worked – and what didn’t. In addition to identifying the gaps and misses, we chart a path forward.

Yes, there is a method to identifying strategic goals for an organization. However, if the exercise is just an annual obligation for the leadership team, or a laundry list of tactics that each department hopes to accomplish in the coming year, you’ll probably miss the mark.

We believe your business’s strategic goals are like a dart in the center of the bullseye. They can be difficult to reach, but critical to an organization’s growth. All aspects of the business are supported by the strategic goals. If you are being disrupted in your industry or desire to be the disruptor, well-crafted strategic goals are essential.

For measurable business success, we recommend developing three to five strategic goals for the year. Once you get into double-digits, an organization is less-likely to achieve the goals. It’s important to note that the strategic goals are not isolated goals, only prepared as part of strategic plan that then sits in a binder on a book shelf. They should be woven throughout the organization and touch all workstreams and employees.

Strategic goals guide leaders to navigate change, improve efficiency, reduce waste, and help take the organization to the next level. Strategic goals provide guidance to critical decision making. Executive level decisions should be based on striving towards and achieving the strategic goals.

How are you developing, evaluating and measuring your strategic goals? We can provide guidance. Our RTG Management System is a model for implementing and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement for an organization. And strategic goals are purposefully placed in the center of our system.

Strategic goals and employee engagement

Can all of your employees articulate your organization’s strategic goals and vision? Is there connectivity to your organization’s strategy and each employee’s job responsibilities? Do employees only hear about the organization’s strategy and goals at the annual or quarterly report outs? Or is the strategy embedded in the culture and top of mind for everyone? Do employees know that what they accomplish each day has a direct impact on the organization reaching those goals?

These are all important questions as you strive to achieve your organization’s goals. As well, the benefits of employee engagement are well documented. When employees feel connected to how their role impacts the business, they are engaged and committed to the organization.

Strategy consulting: Next steps

As part of our strategy consulting services, we’ll meet with senior leaders for discovery and a needs analysis. Our approach is purposeful and focused on executing towards your vision. All strategy and goals are outlined with KPIs and ROI to achieve and maintain long-term growth. As competition in the marketplace tightens and technology plays an ever-increasing role, we can help propel your organization forward.

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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