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Supply Chain Consulting Firms Improve Business Efficiency

In today’s volatile business climate, it’s important to find the right supply chain consulting experts to navigate market disruption and transform your supply chain capabilities. At RTG Solutions Group, we excel at leading organizations to improve efficiencies from the front-end to the backend of supply chain operations. We identify process bottlenecks, capitalize on use of technology and enhance your talent’s skills and capabilities.

Maximize Supply Chain Effectiveness

The complexity of supply chains continues to spiral as organization’s in all industries strive to compete in today’s fast-paced business environment. Business leaders battle the challenges of increasing revenue with the pressure to improve efficiency to drive costs downs. Customer demands for quality products with an increase of delivery speed require leaders to constantly evaluate their supply chain for opportunities to compete.

Supply chain consulting firms may vary in their approach to helping organizations cut costs and improve effectiveness. At RTG Solutions Group, our seasoned supply chain management experts are committed to solving problems specific to your business. We take an investigative approach to identify issues in a supply chain and pinpoint optimal solutions.  As part of our supply chain strategy consulting, we evaluate the connectivity among sales, service, inventory control, capital and cost. We attack problems with precision to improve processes.  As technologies advance, we guide stakeholders in embracing the right technology to maximize the need to improve efficiency, speed, quality, and service. Our goal is to define and implement a supply chain strategy that makes sense to your business, improves operations and increases your bottom-line revenue. 

What’s the State of your Supply Chain Operations?

Business leaders: where are you losing the most money in your supply chain? Is it in the backend or front-end of your operations?  These are some of the questions our supply chain consulting team will ask as we begin to categorize problems and outline solutions. 

Tackling the backend of your supply chain

What is the state of your inventory management? How well do you currently control and track your inventory, including aged, defective and safety stock, impacts reporting and the bottom-line? How is your efficiency in distribution, warehouse organization and product flow? We identify the bottlenecks in your processes to improve workflow, speed and cost efficiency. 

The state of your supply chain’s front-end

What does your cost modeling look like? How is your procurement team managing price breaks and bulk rates? Are your vendors holding inventory? Are you meeting FAR requirements? How is your vendor selection and quality insurance? Is your team linking production and inventory schedules? These are just a few of the questions we address in our supply chain consulting to evaluate your front-end processes.

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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Strategies in Supply Chain Logistics

supply-chain-warehouse-rtg-solutions-groupDistribution, transportation and warehouse management are all integral in maximizing the effectiveness of your organization’s supply chain logistics. As part of the assessment, our experts in logistics consulting will evaluate analytics to determine optimal warehouse and distribution center footprints, material handling systems, product flow, and transportation efficiency.  We apply lean process improvement methodologies and develop KPI benchmarking to improve operations efficiencies for reliability, responsiveness and end-to-end delivery speed and service. 

Inventory Optimization, Sales and Operations Process (S&OP) Play Important Role in Supply Chain

Operating in a global network, the efficiency of the flow of products and services is critical. Attention to the minute detail of cost is imperative for any business to remain IN business.

Customers’ expectations of accuracy and speed dictate astute decision making and rapid responsiveness to change. Managing inventory and the S&OP efficiently and adjusting based on data analytics ensures the organization stays competitive and profitable. Managing the complexity of suppliers, third-party logistics providers and inventory partners is a crucial aspect to the entire supply chain.

Business leaders of competitive companies recognize the importance of inventory management and S&OP best practices. Supply chain consulting firms can help manage your supply chain impacted by market volatility and the challenges in competition. Attentiveness to these areas will result in reduced costs, increased top line revenue and reassurance of meeting customers’ demands.

As part of our supply chain consulting efforts, we collaborate across business functions to build an effective inventory and S&OP process model.  We’ll develop processes for accurate forecasting, inventory reduction, increase in gross margins, and best practices to effectively manage suppliers. 

Embracing technology in your Supply Chain

Emerging digital technology can provide transformative challenges and rewards to an organization’s supply chain. The digital tech era is disrupting industries yet yielding great opportunities to improve delivery efficiencies and speed. Our supply chain consulting experts will guide your team to evaluate and implement the right technologies for your organization. 

supply-chain-technology-rtg-solutions-groupArtificial Intelligence could revolutionize supply chain processes, helping to automate decision making and improve the customer experience. Advanced analytics can enhance planning, sourcing, logistics and transportation to improve the end-to-end supply chain performance. The dynamic area of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and can impact an organization’s supply chain. IoT can play a role in responding to customer demand, preventive maintenance, sourcing and remote monitoring. Intelligent things, such as autonomous mobile robots, vehicles and drones will continue to emerge as an asset to warehouse management. Robotic process automation can help cut costs by automating manual tasks and reducing errors. Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), will continue to enhance employee and customer digital experiences and training opportunities.

At RTG Solutions Group, we continue to monitor developing supply chain technology and trends that can positively impact supply chain effectiveness. We guide organizations in technology adoption to improve supply chain processes, reduce costs and increase bottom line revenue.  

Importance of Employee Development in your Supply Chain

Streamlined processes and technology are important to operating an effective supply chain. As important, are your people. Attention to individual employee development as part of an organization’s overall learning and development strategy will enhance the skills and capabilities of your supply chain workforce. Developing your current talent will assist in employee retention, cross-training, and succession planning. 

As technology continues to proliferate supply chain operations, it’s critical to train your teams in skills to maintain the efficiency of your supply chain. Leadership development within supply chain management is equally important as responsibilities expand to meet the organization’s tactical and strategic goals. Cutting cost, improving efficiency and speed impact the bottom-line revenue. Continuing to develop your talent will assist in meeting your KPIs. 

At RTG Solutions Group, our supply chain consulting and learning and development experts can assess your training needs and develop an employee development program specific to your supply chain efforts.

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